Groundbreaking Artificial Intelligence Technology to Precisely Predict Network Performance KPIs in Urban Areas

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CAPEX Prioritization and Capacity Planning with EINO

EINO applies artificial intelligence to correlate the contextual dynamics of urban areas, network performance KPIs and capital expenditure and customize it for each cell tower helping operators to foresee performance degradations, prioritize on capacity planning and accurately plan upgrades, saving capital and operational expenses.

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Data Enrichment

Urban data from various sources on population volume and intentions

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Artificial Intelligence

Proprietary algorithms for high accuracy predictions in short- & long-term

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Automation & Insights

Big Data pipelines and instant access to insights from data

About Us

EINO is a team of Cornell information scientists who are passionate about smart cities, connectivity, and 5G. With deep industry and entrepreneurial experience and world-class technical skills, EINO aims to develop and market a product that will be a game changer for planning and management of mobile networks in urban centers around the globe.

EINO is backed by PowerBridgeNY, 500 Startups, National Science Foundation, Rough Draft Ventures, and Jacob’s institute at Cornell-Tech.


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We have multiple business and technology openings in New York City for team players with entrepreneurial mindset.

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Data Science

Software Development

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